As pioneers in offering the outsourced Technical Unit service with operations analysis, at CoreBC we developed Due Diligence Core Solution, our own due diligence web application for the Anti-Money Laundering / Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT).

Developed with high standards of security and information encryption, it was created to make the analysis of operations (Due Diligence of AML/ CFT) in a simple and efficient way for customers.

Its versatility allows there to be end-to-end communication between our analyst consultants and the client, whether the latter has centralized the task in one person or has an entire commercial network (case of large real estate developers).

In any case, Due Diligence Core Solution allows you to carry out Due Diligence procedures in a comfortable and safe way, thus avoiding the risks of the usual channels (e-mail) with scattered and vulnerable information.

Our Due Diligence Core Solution is one of the added values that we offer most appreciated by our clients, as it provides them with the definitive solution to the tediousness of the work of operations analysis in the Due Diligence process of AML/CFT.

  • Easy access from any web browser
  • Updating passwords and enforcing strong passwords
  • Information with history of operations
  • Information on ongoing operations
  • Access to explanatory video
  • Possibility to download situation reports at company, promotion or operation level
  • Stagged with levels for easy tracking in tool navigation
  • Creation of the staggered by the user himself
  • Detail of the operation (data of the intervener, the purchase, etc.)
  • Chat conversations between CoreBC and the client (includes history)
  • In the case of urgent operations, option to mark the “URGENT” button to prioritize the analysis by the technical unit