Money Laundering Prevention

We are experts in applying all the preventive measures that companies at risk must comply with.

Penal Compliance

Implementation of Regulatory Compliance required by law to avoid criminal liabilities within companies.

Whistleblowing Line

Implementation of a complaints channel as a crime and offense prevention measures within the company.


CORE BUSINESS CONSULTING is a spanish consultancy firm focusing on regulatory compliance. We are a dynamic company formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector and exclusive dedication in the main Compliance matters.

In addition, within the field of regulatory compliance, is one of the few specialized companies in providing services of Technical Unit on the prevention of the Money Laundering and Internal Audit, both AML and Criminal liability of legal persons. With CBC is possible to comply with the independence requirements enforceable in regulatory compliance.

Our managing director is an accounts auditor and an external AML expert, registered with SEPBLAC (Spain’s Financial Intelligence Unit), and over 10 years of experience in major multinational consultancy firms and auditors.

EXPERTS in AML: Money Laundering Prevention

Core Business Consulting is a spanish consultancy firm with extensive experience in Money Laundering Prevention. Our managing director is registered with SEPBLAC as external expert since 2011, in addition to being certified as statutory auditor (ROAC).

TECHNICAL UNIT: Money Laundering Prevention

The AML Technical Unit is specialized and entirely dedicated to the treatment and analysis of the entity’s information. We offer you the possibility of outsourcing this service through our most experienced professionals.

TRAINING: Money Laundering Prevention

At CORE BUSINESS CONSULTING we are experts in offering AML Training Courses, having carried out more than 500 hours of training for large companies of recognized national prestige.

Demonstrative videos of our services.

TECHNICAL UNIT: Money Laundering Prevention

Money laundering is the set of mechanisms aimed to facilitate a legal appearance to goods or assets from illegal activities. In many cases, the laundering activity involves other companies that are not aware that they are being used for this purpose.

CORE BUSINESS CONSULTING is a spanish consultancy firm with an extensive experience in MONEY LAUNDERING PREVENTION in all its regulatory aspects.


With the legislative reforms produced in criminal matters, public limited companies, private limited liability companies and other legal entities can be held criminally liable for certain crimes that occur under its structure, by its employees, managers or administrators.

At CORE BUSINESS CONSULTING we offer you the implementation of a CRIMINAL COMPLIANCE system, as well as specific services such as a criminal risk report, a crime prevention manual, a complaints channel, etc.


The WHISTLEBLOWING LINE or COMPLAINTS CHANNEL is an excellent tool for the prevention of crimes and infractions within corporate entities.

The various legislations (such as the spanish Criminal Code or Law 10/2010) impose or recommend the obligation to implement these communication channels in companies. In the framework of the new regulatory requirements regarding compliance, CORE BUSINESS CONSULTING offers you the possibility of implementing a whistleblowing channel in your company or directly through our professionals.