Labor Compliance (service only aviable for Spain)

Equality Plan

Mandatory for all companies with more than 50 employees

Anti-Harassment Protocol

Mandatory for all companies, regardless of the number of employees

Job Valuation

We value jobs appropriately and adjusted to your company to comply with the principle of equal pay for positions of equal value

Remuneration Audit

We audit, in a transversal and complete way, if the remuneration system of your company complies with the principle of equal remuneration for positions of equal value


In CoreBC we help in the fulfillment of the elaboration and implementation of the equality plan, managing from the formation of the equality commission to the final implementation, going through all the following phases:

Commitment phase

Diagnostic phase

Design phase

Implementation and monitoring phase

It should be noted that since the entry into force of Royal Decree 901/2020, of October 13, there is an obligation for all companies with 50 or more workers to prepare and implement an equality plan.

From CoreBC we offer an online course to our users in order to understand the main points of an equality plan and the operations we use for its preparation.